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March, 2014

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Orion's Gold is a casual game about mining in space. As the ship's captain, you will be required to maintain the temperature within safe limits, while also trying to mine as much gold as possible. To mine and survive for longer, you will need to buy upgrades using the gold you accumulate. Complete the missions, and get the nine gold stars of the Hunter of Orion. Don't be surprised if you find yourself playing after all that, battling others such as yourself for the highest score possible.


Born in the Global Game Jam 2013 as RestLess, Orions Gold has gone through a lot of changes before reaching its current avatar. Initially meant to be based in a mind and thoughts setting, it was to get you to avoid extreme thoughts. It moved on into a blood and heart setting, after players found it to be too abstract. It eventually found its home in the space setting, after players found the heart setting 'icky and gory'. There was a fair amount of back story about Orion's treacherous belt and tantalizing riches. Fortunately or unfortunately, it was removed after we found it too detailed for a casual game. The game mechanic is different, and it takes a while for the casual player to piece it together. One would say that doesn't make it a casual game, but we want to nudge casual gamers further down their journey playing games. They've flung enough birds, and run a lot. Let's take this to the next level, shall we?


  • Lots of playing with electricity, and deciding where everybody goes.
  • Captivating audio and imagery.
  • Easy missions at the start, boggling ones at the end!
  • Game center leaderboard integration for you to compare yourself with everyone else!
  • Nine gold stars to be earned, and every one is well worth the time spent!


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